Top Ways To Increase Morning Productivity

Do you find it hard to get into the working flow each morning? Are you loosing valuable time every day by not capitalising on the precious hours before your typical working day begins? Learn these top life hacks and turn the early mornings into your most productive hours!

#1 Set Your Alarm Earlier

It sounds simple but your first action when increasing morning productivity is to start the day earlier! Getting into a new routine can be difficult, so take some time to gradually turn back the clock - experimenting with fifteen minutes increments until your body is used to the change. Within a few weeks you’ll suddenly you’ll find yourself with plenty of extra time to play with each day!

#2 Prepare The Night Before

Knowing that there’s a list of things to do when you get up is one of the main reasons you’ll want to stay in bed! Make life as easy as possible for your morning-self by preparing your clothes, organising your workload and creating a list of tasks to do - you’ll reduce the amount of obstacles to getting started and increase the likelihood of a productive morning.

#3 Use Your First Hour To Do The Things You Love

If you launch immediately into your work you can run out of steam later in the afternoon. Take some time in the morning to focus on the things you love - afterwards your recharged mindset keeping you completely focussed on the day ahead. Meditation, yoga, reading, exercise and more are great ways to start off your morning and ensure good feelings throughout the rest of your day.

#4 Tackle Your Hardest Job Head On

Use your morning hours to attempt the hardest job on your list. This will give you a good amount of time to launch into your project without the distractions that can crop up later in the day. If you finish the project you’re working on, you’ll also get the added benefit of a rewarding sense of accomplishment that will help improve work productivity for the rest of the day!

#5 Eat & Drink A Healthy Breakfast

A glass of cold water and a healthy breakfast will boost performance and get you off to a great start for the working day! Feel full and energised, and start you working day with a boost of productivity.

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