Top Tips For Maintaining A Home/Work Life Balance

A good working life balance is a coveted thing - but it’s not always that easy to achieve. Work and

careers have a habit of interfering in our outside lives, especially if you work as a self-employed

individual or have a working role that is not the traditional 9-5. See some of our top tips for

maintaining a better home/work life balance and enjoy the freedom that it brings:

#1 Make An Appointment With Personal Time

In the same way that you’d book in a meeting, make sure you’re plotting out your own personal

time. An appointment in the diary makes it much more likely that you’ll stick to the event, as well as

preventing you from booking in something over it. It also allows you to keep a track of how much

personal time you’re actually taking - you might be surprised at how little time you give yourself!

#2 Outsource Tasks

Two hands are better than one! Outsourcing your workload, or administrative tasks like finances

and making appointments, means that you have more time free to focus on your family and outside

tasks. Virtual PR and concierge services are ideal for allocating resources and allowing you to

prioritise your downtime.

#3 Have Set Working Hours

By giving yourself set working hours, you’re ensuring that once your day finishes your mind is

completely free to focus on the other things you enjoy in life. Step away from your emails and avoid

corresponding to colleagues or clients outside of your designated working hours.

#4 Work Smarter

Do you drag out tasks to fill up the full time available? Are you aware of your full working potential?

Give yourself tighter deadlines and you may find that you achieve the same level of work but in a

much shorter time-frame. By allocating yourself a set amount of time for each task you’ll ensure

that your time is used productively and that you’re left with more free time for your home life.

#5 Regain Your Morning Hours

Don’t put yourself on the back foot every day! Getting up an hour or two earlier is an easy move to

implement in your daily regime and you may be surprised at the amount you can achieve in that

time! Get your admin tasks out of the way, meaning that your evenings are completely free to enjoy

to yourself.

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