Top Tips For Improving Team Wellbeing

A lot of businesses underestimate the importance of team wellbeing, not realising that it can be hugely beneficial to employees and the employer alike. There is a lot of research to suggest that employees with good mental wellbeing in the workplace are more motivated, productive, present and loyal than those who do not. Not only does this provide employees with a positive and enjoyable place to work, but the company benefits by having a hard working and determined team. However, team wellbeing does not take care of itself. Businesses need to provide a range of different support options to ensure team needs are being met.

How To Improve Employee Wellbeing at Work

  • Offer Employee Benefits - It’s important for employees to feel as though they are being taken care of at work, which can be achieved through a range of benefits. There are a lot of benefits that can improve team wellbeing, such as offering gym membership discounts and shopping incentives. Businesses need to think about the wellbeing of their team both in and outside of the workplace.

  • Mental Health Awareness and Support - There has been a large focus on mental health awareness lately and it is something that all employers should be paying attention to. In order to improve team wellbeing, businesses need to provide staff with training and support for a range of different mental health issues. The aim should be to reduce the stigma of mental health and help those who are struggling.

  • Value Individual Team Members - Team wellbeing can be greatly improved when individuals feel as though they are valued at work. Though teamwork is key in the workplace, it is vital for individuals to feel as though they are respected and needed on a personal level. This can be done in a number of different ways, such as rewarding hard work with additional responsibilities or giving positive feedback from bosses. Employees tend to be willing to work harder for people they feel appreciate them, which benefits the team as a whole.

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