The Employer’s Guide to Training

Training is an essential part of any business strategy. Giving your team the skills they need to succeed will not only increase employee satisfaction, but it will also help your organisation grow and improve on its service delivery. Find out the importance of offering training to your team, how to make upskilling part of your workplace culture and where to start with our helpful guide, here:

The Importance Of Training

Increase Team Satisfaction & Enable Progression

As an employer, it’s your duty to help staff achieve their full potential and develop their career. Providing training is the perfect way to prepare an individual for promotion, or to give them a valuable asset when carving out their own unique role. Giving your team training shows that you value them, and can increase motivation for them to deliver outstanding work.

Spread Risk Amongst Your Team

Are you relying on one specialised team member for an important role? Only having one employee trained in a particular discipline means that there’s no-one to step in, in event of an emergency. Having multiple team members trained in a skill means that you can share the risk – and the workload.

Keep Ahead Of The Competition

If you’re in an industry that’s ever-changing then it’s important you stay up-to-date with the latest advancements and keep ahead of the competition. Having refresher training ensures that your team are aware of the latest developments and that your knowledge isn’t outdated in your field.

Deliver A New Offering

Is there a new service or a different approach to your existing offerings that you want your business to deliver? Upskilling your team allows you to expand your portfolio, and expand your organisation.

Types Of Training

Training doesn’t have to be a huge investment. There are a number of ways to upskill your team, without having a huge cost attached, including:

• Online training courses

• Mentorship

• Skill-swaps within your team

• Workshops

• YouTube and Udemy videos

• Industry white papers and blogs

• Paid-for training courses

Getting Started

Do you know where to begin when arranging your team’s training? It’s simple to get started with these tips:

• Assign a team or individual training budget, and let your team members know that it’s available to anyone interested.

• Discuss goals and progression in one-to-one reviews with your team.

• Analyse your business to spot new opportunities for service offerings and where new skills could most help.

• Organise a mentorship scheme within the workplace.

• Arrange regular skill swaps - this could be over an office lunch or on a Friday afternoon.

Learn More About Motivating Your Team

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