How Will Gen Z Change The Workplace?

Don’t make the mistake of underestimating the impact Gen Z will have on the workplace, regardless of the type of business or the industry in question. There is no denying that Gen Z is unlike any other generation we have seen before; they are very different to millennials and baby boomers. This means that they are sure to have a noticeable impact on the workplace and positive changes should be expected.

Here’s How Gen Z Could Reshape the Workplace

Gen Z Want Feedback - It’s important to remember that Gen Z is a generation that has grown up with social media and online resources being readily available to them at all times, which means they are used to instant feedback and prompt information. This will be seen in the workplace, with Gen Z employees likely needing personal feedback and validation for their work. Rather than scheduling reviews every so often as is the case now in many workplaces, Gen Z employees work harder with regular reviews.

Gen Z Want a Work/Life Balance - In recent years, there has been a focus on self care and employees achieving a good work/life balance. Though this is a relatively new concept for many older generations, Gen Z have been a part of this from the very beginning. Gen Z is a generation that wants a positive workplace and time for a fulfilled personal life. This interest in a work/life balance is important for any workplace as employees who are satisfied at work are often more productive, loyal and hard working.

Gen Z is Fully Digital - Gen Z is a fully digital generation and therefore Gen Z employees are likely to focus a lot on technology. If a business wants to attract the top Gen Z talent, they need to offer a workplace that offers a range of digital opportunities. This could be remote working, video chats and the latest software. With Gen Z in the workplace, a business has the opportunity to expand their technology and embrace the latest technological advances. After all, Gen Z individuals will have a good idea of how to use a range of technology, the benefits and the limitations.

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