How To Look After Your Wellbeing During Remote Working

The way we work has been evolving for a while now - however the emerging crisis of COVID-19 has thrown our professional and home lives into a range of reluctant changes such as remote working and homeschooling, often coping with balancing both at once. We’ve put together some top tips to help you care for your wellbeing while we adjust to our temporary way of living and working.

#1 Set out a routine

It’s really important to set out a daily routine, and although you may not always be able to stick to it, it will give your day the structure you are missing from a normal working

day. Make sure you allow time for exercise, and time with your family. Remember to also create time in your day for learning something new, be it a new hobby, or utilising online training resources for upskilling.

#2 Utilise IT & technology

For many workers in a range of industries, IT and technology will be a lifeline as we attempt to keep business as normal from our remote working locations. However for some, it can be quite an adjustment to be conducting the majority of your work online, after all we are not all tech wizards. Make use of technologies such as video calling softwares like Zoom and keep your work organised alongside colleagues with programs like Trello. Remember that things won’t always go perfectly and you are still getting used to a different way of working.

#3 Keep connected with friends & family

The internet is a powerful resource when it comes to keeping in contact with our loved ones. There are so many benefits to staying in touch with your family and friends during this time and thanks to social media and calling/messaging apps, it’s easier than ever to keep up with your loved ones. Make time for social video calling or take part in an online pub quiz with a group of friends. Schedule phone calls with close family members and let them know the positives from your day, this will not only boost your own mental health but that of your family member.

#4 Setup a separate office space

Where possible you should set up a separate office space within your home, this will provide you with a dedicated space for your work and allow for you to have time away from your desk without distraction. If you are living with children this will also help them to differentiate when you are working and when you are available. Ensure your work space has plenty of natural light and fresh air flowing through to help you maintain focus and stay healthy.

#5 Maintain a healthy work-life balance

Ultimately, remember that these times are unprecedented and the majority of people are learning to cope with a completely new way of working whilst also balancing other responsibilities. Give yourself time to relax and switch off, enjoy this new time with family and embrace the positives that have emerged from this situation.