How To Keep Your Job Search On Track During Covid-19

You may of found yourself in the unfortunate position of unemployment as Covid-19 took affect across our country. Now, more than ever it's important to use your time wisely, continue to stay motivated and set out a new strategy that will help you secure new employment. Here's our top tips for helping keep the momentum going on your current job search.

#1 Evaluate Your Individual Situation

Firstly it may be worth looking at your current lifestyle and financial situation. Is now the right time to be looking for new opportunities? Are you in a financial position to pause your search for a few months while businesses regain their equilibrium. Everyone has their own set of circumstances and if you can wait a few months it may be worthwhile doing so. However following some of the steps below to keep your mind sharp and continue building connections would still be recommended.

#2 Get Networking

If you've lacked confidence with networking in the past now is the perfect time to get started. Currently all networking is virtual so there are no intimidating rooms full of people to contend with or the 'where do I sit' conundrum. Many networking events are currently free to join and feature an array of different people from all different sectors and industries. It's a great opportunity to chat with a variety of people in a relaxed setting, widen your knowledge and impart your own wisdom, helping to build your professional reputation.

#3 Stay In Contact With Businesses

You may have been in the process of arranging interviews with specific businesses pre-lockdown. It's important to keep those channels of communication open and let them know you are still interested in a position at their company. They may also appreciate you enquiring as to how the company is coping during this time and should the opportunity arise, you may be able to discuss some ideas with them that may help them move forward. Social networks such as LinkedIn are a great way to contact employers as they are much more personal in comparison to the traditional email.

#4 Use Your Spare Time To Upskill

There really has never been a better time to upskill! If you're currently looking for work, that's going to mean plenty of free time, use it wisely and look to fill skill gaps or increase your current knowledge. There are a wealth of training courses online, with many businesses currently offering these for free. Many training providers also offer certifications. If you're looking to improve your LinkedIn profile, many certificates and badges can be added to your skills & knowledge section. A big plus if you''re looking to contacted potential employers on there.

#5 Identify Growing Industries

You may have noticed trends in the types of businesses thriving during the pandemic. It's worth noting and evaluating these trends, whilst looking for industries to work in, those who have sustained their business or prospered should ideally be the areas you look to pursue. When it comes to job safety, choosing an industry that's growing and demonstrates the capacity to adapt will ensure a financially secure future.