5 Teambuilding Ideas To Motivate Your Office

Having a team that works well together can mean the difference between success and failure. A cohesive team means increased productivity, efficiency and high staff retention - which can drive your team to new heights. See some of our top suggestions for improving communication and bonds between team members in your organisation:

#1 Mentorship Schemes

Mentoring is a great way to improve communication within your team. Employees who volunteer can be assigned to junior members of staff to help them grow their skillset - or team members with different specialisms can perform skill-swaps with other employees to broaden their knowledge. Skill swaps are a cost-effective way to conduct training within your organisation and ensures that valuable knowledge isn’t kept in silo with individuals.

#2 Team Days Out

Watch your staff relax, recharge and let loose whilst building bonds with the rest of their team! A staff day out is great for improving relationships and communication amongst your employees. You can even tailor the activity to focus specifically around the theme of team building - such as having staff partake in group challenges and activities. Scavenger hunts, raft building, rowing and blindfolded challenges are all great examples of affordable team building activities away from the office.

#3 Learning Lunches

Make lunchtime productive and put on a valuable team experience with ‘learning lunches’. Provide pizza for the office and invite a guest speaker to come in to your business and give your employees a rich and interesting talk on a range of topics - they don’t even necessarily need to be related to your industry!

#4 Group Targets

Setting group goals instead of individual targets is a great way to encourage your team to work together. Similarly, rewarding groups who have achieved instead of individuals removes competition and lets teams share in the same positive experience.

#5 Appointing A Staff Committee

Understanding each team member’s challenges and gripes is an important part of building relationships within your office. Appointing a staff representative or office committee will allow you to open up wellbeing and improvement suggestions to every member of the team, and encourage your team’s communication with each other over the things they enjoy and the things that could be improved within the workplace. It’s also a great opportunity to get feedback that employees are more comfortable sharing with their peers rather than you directly.

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