4 Top Tips For Supporting Your Employees While Working Remotely

As we adapt to our remote working environments, which for now are the ‘new normal’, many employers and employees can find it challenging to maintain 'business as usual’ while continuing to keep a good work-life balance as well as promoting a positive mental well being. We’ve put together 4 top tips to help you improve your team's’ morale, increase motivation and incentivise productivity.

#1 Communicate Regularly

Scheduling regular team meetings gives you the opportunity to support your employees with workloads and discuss priorities, it’s also a chance to generate new and innovative ideas to help your business. It’s important you also make time for non-work chats as you would in the workplace and use video calling to maintain face-to-face contact. Using reliable online conferencing programs such as Zoom which allows for audio and visual displays, will help bring your team together. Many of your employees may be living on their own or they could be juggle homeschooling children alongside their work commitments so it’s important to make meeting times flexible to accommodate.

#2 Incentive & Reward There has never being a better time to look at the options out there for rewarding your workers and creating incentives to help keep them focused and motivated. Here at The Career Boutique we would recommended utilising a platform such as Perkbox which strives to enhance the relationship between employer and employees with regular rewarding. They offer a large range of incentives which can be tailored to suit the preferences of your employees such as evening meal vouchers, weekends away or private health care. #3 Team Building As an employer it’s important to recognise that you and your business play a large part in your employees mental health and wellbeing. We’re currently in a situation we’re face to face interaction outside of a video call may be limited, however that doesn’t mean you can’t create opportunities for fostering the relationships of your employees through virtual team building. The lonely reality of lockdown and remote working can often catch people off guard, so it’s important to still have events in their lives for socialising and positivity. There are plenty of options when it comes to social team building from team workouts to virtual team quiz nights.

#4 Share Success

For many people remote working can create time gaps for employees to dwell on the negative areas of their lives, with many now watching the news on a daily basis. Encourage positivity throughout your team and let them know you are open to new, innovative and forward thinking ideas. Sharing any success stories with your employees may seem a hard task right now but think small and hope for larger. Share even the smallest successes with your team, such as keeping a client contract on, a new product idea or potential new lead. It demonstrates a faith in your business and helps your employees to look past the current situation.