15 blogs about HR to follow

We know how hard is to keep track of all essential HR news and trends you need to know about and that is why we have chosen 15 blogs about HR to follow.

1. HR Bartender

Run by Sharlyn Lauby, an HR expert & consultant, The HR Bartender covers all manner of subjects including employee engagement, leadership, HR and other workplace issues. We particularly enjoy the casual tone of this blog, mirrored by its name!

2. Fistful of Talent

Founded by Kris Dunn, with several other contributors from the HR space, Fistful of Talent focuses on sharing various opinions from the world of HR, recruiting & talent. Again, this blog has a casual and often humourous tone.

3. The People Management Blog

The CIPD blog. No HR blogs list would be complete without the CIPD Blog, publishing quality information regarding analysis and current opinions on human resource developments and news. Here you can find posts by the CIPD staff discussing their personal thoughts on HR issues and news.

4. HR Ringleader

This HR blog, run by Trish McFarlane, covers a wealth of HR and recruitment related topics, providing insight into employee engagement, recruiting, HR tech and many more subjects with a unique spin.

5. Women of HR

Women of HR is run by a group of HR professionals dedicated to developing & expressing the opinions of women in HR/people management roles. They describe it as a ‘place that HR women can go to get information, discuss the issues that impact their lives, and find that sense of community and collaboration that we were all experiencing at that very moment.’

6. The Chief Happiness Officer

Alexander Kjerulf is one of the world’s leading experts on happiness in the workplace, and runs this blog to create a community for HR pros with similar ideas.

7. HRZone

HRZone is a community of bloggers & writers that share their thoughts and opinions on all things HR tech, engagement, leadership & much more.

8. The HR Capitalist

Also run by Kris Dunn, same as ‘Fistful of Talent’, this HR blog’s purpose is to build a community of HR pros to turn strategy into specifics.

9. The Tim Sackett Project

Predictably, this blog is run by Tim Sackett, who is great at bringing the humour back to HR and recruiting.

10. Evil HR Lady

This HR blog intends to ‘demystify the human resources department’, debunking the myths and stereotypes surrounding HR in companies.

11. HR Best Practices - Indeed Blog

As the world's #1 job site, with over 180 million unique visitors every month from over 50 different countries, Indeed has become the catalyst for putting the world to work. Indeed is intensely passionate about delivering the right fit for every hire.

12. Workable Blog

Blog coverage of the latest recruiting strategies and tips, as well as a look at leading companies to watch when it comes to hiring and HR.

13. Steve Boese’s HR Technology

Steve Boese runs a blog dedicated to all things HR tech, and he also co-runs the HR Happy Hour podcast, a great resource for HR professionals.

14. Personnel Today Guru Blog

A blog by one of today’s most notorious Human resources commentators. With added wit, it gives wisdom related insights into the workplace as a whole. A written account of workplace fads, with entertaining daily workplace stories and humour.

15. T Recs

Personal thoughts on Recruiting and HR in a Social World. Mervyn Dinnen is an award winning blogger and a social engagement strategist specialising in the Recruitment, HR and Workplace sectors. With blogs on everything from social recruiting to employee engagement, there’s something for all HR roles.




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