How to improve your CV

Prepare in advance

Prepare your CV before you start to think about getting new job. And remember – prepare it before a job closing date! Preparing your CV ahead of time will allow you to respond quickly to interesting job posting and give you solid base to build on for future opportunities.

Tailor it!

You need to tailor CV specifically for each job opportunity. Make sure your CV has no spelling or grammar mistakes and shows your skills adequate to job description. Before sending it, make sure you send the right CV to the right company. Mistakes will land your CV in the basket!

Reads like a story

Make sure your CV is easy to read and importantly - interesting. Recruiters receive high volume of CVs, so make it easy for them to notice you. Use proper font, text size and don’t use too many colours. Black is always a good choice!

  1. Remember to use bullet points to show your responsibilities on previous positions and use short text blocks. That way your CV will be a pleasure to read.

  2. Align your skills and experience with selection criteria. Give examples of how you match job description criteria.

  3. A personal statement can be very useful if you want to demonstrate your passion and enthusiasm or creativity but remember to avoid clichés and buzzwords.

  4. Don’t use photo!

  5. Highlight qualifications!

Don’t forget to list professional qualifications relevant to a job you are applying for. It’s important, especially when you were unemployed for a long time and future employer can be worried that your knowledge about an industry is out-of-date.

Work in progress

Remember that your CV is work in progress so don’t be afraid (or shy) to ask for feedback. You can ask friends or family to read through your CV and if you progress to the next stage of recruitment process, you can ask recruiters what they think about it.

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