Elevator pitch - pitch yourself to an employer!

If you haven't heard by now about elevator speech, here is the pitchort summary: Elevator speech is a clear and brief message about you. It's about you: Who you are, what you do and what you want to do. Easy, right?

A perfect pitch

First, you need to have a clear job target. When you're putting your pitch together, you need to nail down the best way to describe what you're good at and what type of job you are pursuing.

Second, pen it. Yes, you read correctly. Write down everything you would want your future employer to know about you. Describe your skills, accomplishments and work experience relevant to the position you want.

Keep editing it until you have it nail down to a few key bullet points. The aim of the pitch is to get your listener interested, not bored to death.

Third, the 3W! A good pitch is all about three questions: Who are you? What are you doing? What are looking for?

Fourth, tailor your pitch to the company you want to work for, not you. Make sure that you speech focus on comapny's needs. Focus on benefits for them.

Fifth, watch your language. In other words eliminate industry jargon. Your pitch needs to be easy to understand for anyone, so avoid tech-speak or complicated terminology. You don't want to make your listener feel stupid, do you?

Sixth, practice, practice, practice. Read it aloud as many times as you need to sound authentic and natural. Tweak your pitch until it doesn't sound rehersed. Pitch to your friends and ask for the feedback. And then...practice, practice, practice.

Seventh, prepare a few versions. You might have only 15 seconds to pitch, be prepared for it.

Eight, be confident. There's nothing worse than someone who delivers flat presentations. When you pitch, look the listener in the eye, smile, be confident and upbeat.

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