Katherine Bertram




When Katherine returned to her hometown of Oxford after graduating from the University of Kent, where she studied Law and Psychology, little did she know that in 2017 she would be running a successful recruitment agency which is celebrating its 8th anniversary? Katherine initially experienced working for a nursing recruitment agency, then joined a well-respected Oxfordshire consultancy and gained CertRP status.  In 2006 she launched an IT-based consultancy with two experienced colleagues.


In 2009, The Career Boutique was founded. Katherine holds a strong belief that the “live to work” culture, so prevalent in Britain today, can lead to discontent both at home and at work and whilst a self-confessed workaholic herself, Katherine maintains her drive and focus with a healthy lifestyle and encourages both clients and candidates to do the same.  


As well as establishing a local recruitment company in Oxfordshire and Berkshire, Katherine is thrilled to have launched The Career Boutique’s London based Executive Talent Division in Covent Garden. The focus of the division is to, quite simply, unearth exciting individuals and connect them with inspiring and exciting opportunities.


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